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Holistic Pain Treatment | San Francisco

After a thorough evaluation by Dr. Weiss and a staff physical therapist, a comprehensive, holistic treatment program is devised for the patient. It is important to note that because similar symptoms can be caused by different underlying problems, each patient’s program must be individualized.

The basic plan involves a combination of internal and external manual therapies aimed at addressing pelvic muscle and nerve dysfunction and/or injury. More invasive therapies (such as trigger point injections, botox injections and nerve blocks) are administered by Dr. Weiss as required. Additional holistic components are then added in accordance with the patient’s unique needs. Dr. Weiss and the therapist confer regularly regarding the patient’s progress and adjust the program accordingly.

Treatments by Dr. Weiss:
Internal myofascial release
Dry needling of trigger points
Anesthetic injection of trigger points
Botox® injections
Pudendal nerve blocks
Subcutaneous tissue infiltration
Homeopathic and pharmacologic remedies
Acupuncture (in conjunction with other therapies)

Treatments by the staff physical therapists:
Internal and external myofascial release
External manual energy techniques (METS)
Soft-tissue mobilization (STM)
Joint and lumbar spine mobilization
Connective tissue manipulation (CTM)
Strain-counter-strain (muscle rebalancing)
LPG® CelluM6 connective tissue therapy
Cold laser therapy
Pelvic floor stretching/strengthening
Neural mobilization
Neuromuscular re-education
Home exercise programs

Treatments by Associated Practitioners:
The Feldenkrais Method® (body awareness training)
Podiatry (problems related to the feet)
Physiatry (therapy performed by an M.D. specialist in spinal and sacral   abnormalities)
Stress reduction/behavior modification
Nutritional counseling




Dr. Weiss’ forthcoming book, Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain, is being written to bring his innovative holistic treatment approach to the attention of the millions men and women who are suffering from the debilitating symptoms of chronic pelvic pain or dysfunction (CPP) but may not be receiving appropriate care.

This comprehensive work will be an invaluable resource for lay readers and practitioners alike. It will explain the core muscle and nerve causes of all major CPP conditions and describe how to effectively treat each condition non-surgically. A wealth of fascinating case histories and superb illustrations will help patients fully understand the problems in the pelvis that they are experiencing.