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Our center offers individualized programs for out-of-town chronic pelvic pain patients who wish to pursue treatment with us here in San Francisco. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive care possible within the block of time that the patient is able to give us.

Ideally, we recommend a two-week visit, which allows us to provide a solid treatment base. However, we have many patients who fly in for a single day of evaluation and treatment.

We do our utmost to help out-of-town patients locate a physician and physical therapist in their area who either have the appropriate experience, or are willing to learn the necessary techniques for their continued care. Once a patient has been thoroughly evaluated at our clinic, both Dr. Weiss and our physical therapists are available by phone or email to answer questions or discuss treatment options with their local providers. Visiting patients are also sent home with detailed literature related to their treatment plan.

Our Practice Office Administrator, Pat Schweifler, would be happy to answer your questions. You may call her at 415.441.5800, or email her using the link provided below.

Email Pat Schweifler,
Office Administrator>

Our out-of-town protocol includes the following:

A comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Weiss and a staff physical therapist, with detailed reports outlining their findings and recommendations for initial and ongoing care. The goal is to send you home with an accurate diagnosis and a solid explanation of your condition, along with a treatment plan that you can pass on to your local providers.
A series of treatments by Dr. Weiss and the examining therapist, the number of which is determined by the length of your visit. These will include external and internal treatments as dictated by your condition. Please go to Our Treatment Protocol for an overview of our holistic approach and a description of the options and techniques that we offer. A home program, with prescribed exercises and self-administered therapies to facilitate the longterm resolution of your condition.
Partner education and training. A partners support is invaluable, and there are several very helpful internal therapies that a partner can be trained to assist with. Therefore, we recommend that your partner accompany you if possible.
Stress management counseling and/or behavior modification therapy, as needed
Nutritional Counseling, as needed
A Physiatry Consultation for spinal and sacral abnormalities, as needed
A Podiatry Consultation for problems related to the feet, as needed