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Pain Treatment | San Francisco

Since 1995, the internationally acclaimed Pacific Center for Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction has led the way in providing innovative, holistic treatment for unresolved male and female chronic pelvic pain and organ dysfunction.  Founded by Dr. Jerome M. Weiss to serve as a model for the holistic treatment of the core muscle and nerve problems that cause these seemingly intractable conditions, the center has been at the forefront of research and education in the pelvic pain field.

While we do treat patients with acute pelvic floor problems, we specialize in and are among the primary facilities in the United States for the treatment of unresolved pelvic pain and dysfunction that persists for more than three months.

At our center we are committed to helping patients return to normal, active, pain-free lives by providing accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Drawing from the best that Western and Eastern medical traditions have to offer, our staff administers compassionate therapy in a supportive environment.

We respect the dignity of our patients by listening skillfully and focusing on their individual needs.  We also seek to empower our patients by giving them a knowledge base about their conditions and encouraging them to embrace all components of the healing journey.  These include physical treatment, emotional support, stress management and patient and family education.  Most of our patients have been suffering for years, many of them for decades, prior to arriving at our door.  It is deeply fulfilling to observe their progress as they experience relief from the pain that has burdened them for so long and so profoundly.

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Dr. Weiss’ forthcoming book, Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain, is being written to bring his innovative holistic treatment approach to the attention of the millions men and women who are suffering from the debilitating symptoms of chronic pelvic pain or dysfunction (CPP) but may not be receiving appropriate care.

This comprehensive work will be an invaluable resource for lay readers and practitioners alike. It will explain the core muscle and nerve causes of all major CPP conditions and describe how to effectively treat each condition non-surgically. A wealth of fascinating case histories and superb illustrations will help patients fully understand the problems in the pelvis that they are experiencing.