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Chronic Pelvic Pain | San Francisco

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms of Chronic Pelvic Pain?

Urinary urgency and frequency or pain with urination
Abdominal, anal or bladder pain
Constipation or pain with bowel movements
Sacroiliac or hip pain
Tailbone or lower back pain
Pain with sitting
Pain with intercourse or orgasm
Clitoral,vaginal or vulvar burning or pain
Penile, scrotal or testicular pain
Perineal (prostate) pain
Post-operative pain with hemorrhoidectomy, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, and    sphincterectomy
Pain following a difficult childbirth
Spontaneous bouts of persistent genital arousal (with or without orgasm) that are    unaccompanied by sexual desire or stimulation

If the answer is “yes”, you are not alone.  More than 300 million adults world-wide (approximately 15% of men and women) are burdened with chronic pelvic pain or dysfunction.  The majority (an estimated 60%) are being subjected to ineffective therapies, unnecessary surgeries, and/or potentially harmful medications without getting better.  If you came to this site, you may be among these millions and you may be wondering if there’s any real hope for relief.

At our center we are committed to helping people like you return to a normal, active, pain-free life! Since 1995, we have led the way in providing innovative, holistic treatment for unresolved male and female chronic pelvic pain and dysfunction, drawing from the best that Western & Eastern medical traditions have to offer. Our multidisciplinary team of practitioners collaborates with Dr. Weiss to provide accurate diagnosis and effective, compassionate therapy that can successfully resolve your condition. Yes, there is hope!


Dr. Weiss’ forthcoming book, Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain, is being written to bring his innovative holistic treatment approach to the attention of the millions men and women who are suffering from the debilitating symptoms of chronic pelvic pain or dysfunction (CPP) but may not be receiving appropriate care.

This comprehensive work will be an invaluable resource for lay readers and practitioners alike. It will explain the core muscle and nerve causes of all major CPP conditions and describe how to effectively treat each condition non-surgically. A wealth of fascinating case histories and superb illustrations will help patients fully understand the problems in the pelvis that they are experiencing.